Enabling Global Video Collaboration

Why an Alliance?

OnePresence is a partnership among peers who have a similar view of the future of visual communication and who share certain core values.
In a truly globalised world a new way of thinking is required to meet the needs of the world’s leading organisations.

Speak to an expert. OnePresence provides the seamless mechanism to connect industry leading expert organisations with video collaboration as their core business on a worldwide basis. OnePresence allows you to take advantage of this global community focused on providing the highest quality solutions designed to add real value.

Drive innovation. OnePresence combines global expertise in visual communication. Members continually invest in key technologies and best business practices to drive the evolution of visual collaboration services


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About OnePresence
The OnePresence Alliance network was established as the first truly global video communication alliance to offer customers worldwide reach and the highest quality video communication experience. The founding members of the alliance are York Telecom, Vantage Systems and Videocall, each market leaders in their regions, who’s combined systems provide OnePresence Alliance customers with a global, ‘always-on’ platform allowing customers to focus on their core business, enhance their productivity and achieve real savings.

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